Statement of the WOMEN OF THE WORLD

Women of the World is an initiative launched by our organization, Profesionales por la Ética (Professionals for Ethics) in coalition with Femina Europa, Istituto di Studi Superiori sulla Donna and Woman Attitude to make the international institutions and politicians aware of what we, the women of world, think and demand.

In our Statement we present 10 ideas -our statements – about women’s role, feminine identity and motherhood with our 5 basic demands. You can download the Stament here:

English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Polish / Japanese / Arabic / Italian / Romanian / Czech / Slovak

The Statement has already been supported for more than 149 worldwide entities. It will be made public and sent to the international institutions and politicians by March 8th , International Women`s Day.

Check the draf list of signing entities

We also want it to be signed by any woman of the world. So, please, if you are a woman, consider signing the Statement and if not, please help us to spread it worldwide.

We need to reach a massive support able to break into radical feminism and gender ideology.

It is our turn, the turn of real women and new feminism.

Please, help us spreading the Statement so it is signed by a massive amount of Women of the World.

Kind regards.

You can read and sign the Statement here:

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