December, 2011.

Dear friends,

Profesionales por la Ética offers you once again their international newsletter with a selection of relevant worldwide news on the defence of human rights. We are sure it will be of interest to you.


  • On 17th November last, Profesionales por la Ética filed an accusation of corruption of minors at the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions against the Spanish Minister of Education and the Spanish President Rodríguez Zapatero for corruption of minors arising from the contents, under the title ‘Sexpresan’, published on the Minister’s website for teaching Education for Citizenship. You can read more about it here (in Spanish).

On 20th November, the Spanish Popular Party won the general election. As we informed you in our last Newsletter, they made a commitment in their election manifesto to remove the compulsory, doctrinaire subject of Education for Citizenship from the school syllabus. Spanish organizations and Spanish parents involved in the struggle for freedom of education will now continue their battle until the final defeat of these subjects and will continue to support any international initiatives in the defence of parental rights.


  • On 30th November, the European Parliament voted on a HIV/AIDS resolution and the full text, including certain unacceptable sections, was passed by a significant majority. The European Parliament officially declared that abortion is a legitimate means to fight against HIV/AIDS. As European Dignity Watch stated: when it comes to voting, the right to life is of little value in the corridors of the European Parliament. You can read more about it here.


  • As we informed in our October Newsletter, a “Draft Recommendation on the rights and legal status of children and parental responsibilities” was discussed at the Council of Europe with excellent results and will soon be discussed at the Committee of Ministers. Some friendly organizations, such as ECLJ and ADF, have been working hard on the text proposing new changes that may soon be approved by the Committee of Ministers. You can read more about it here.
  • According to sources in the USA, an unprecedented promotion of the same sex agenda in the USA is forthcoming from the Obama Administration and in particular Secretary Clinton. We can expect to see a great deal more action promoting the homosexual agenda from US ambassadors and others. We recommend you read Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech at the anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. You can read it here.


  • Yesterday, Zenit published an interesting article by Father John Flynn, Same-Sex Marriage Push Homosexual Rights Campaign Unmasked which is, indeed, worth reading. The article is mainly about the recently published book by Bill Muehlenberg, «Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality,» (Freedom Publishing Company) where he examines a number of issues, including the matter of same-sex marriage “It is also the case that in a relatively short period of time homosexual activists have managed to radically change a large sector of public opinion to one of support for their cause”. According to Flynn “Muehlenberg’s book deals with many other issues related to homosexuality and is well-worth reading, especially as the push for same-sex marriage continues in many countries”.

Leonor Tamayo

Head of International Area