Newsletter January 2012Una vez más, Profesionales por la Ética ha difundido en este mes de enero la newsletter Profesionales por la Ética Day2Day, redactada íntegramente en inglés y dirigida  a su red internacional.

Como es habitual, la publicación contiene una selección de noticias relevantes sobre la defensa de los derechos humanos. En concreto, la edición de enero contiene informaciones útiles sobre Libertad de Educación, Perspectiva de Familia y Libertad Religiosa, Cultura de la Vida y lecturas recomendadas.

Reproducimos seguidamente el texto completo de la newsletter internacional de Profesionales por la Ética (edición enero 2012).



January 2012.

Dear friends,

Once again Profesionales por la Ética offers you their international newsletter with a selection of relevant worldwide news on the defence of human rights. We are sure it will be of interest to you.


•    The Spanish parents and children who have presented their conscientious objection against Education for Citizenship are continuing their struggle and are asking the new government not to forget their promise to remove the subject from the school syllabus. They have recently done so with a video clip. You can watch it here.

•    Our association, Profesionales por la Ética, has also decided to continue to fight and not to retreat. Only last month we asked the recently appointed Spanish Minister of Education for an interview in order to discuss the most satisfactory way of removing  the compulsory, doctrinaire subject of Education for Citizenship from the school syllabus. You can read more about it here (in Spanish)

•    We have also just launched a public campaign with the slogan For the end of ideological indoctrination at school, which includes a double petition to the Minister of Education: to remove immediately from the school syllabus the subject of Education for Citizenship and to regularise the academic situation of the conscientious objectors. You can read and subscribe the petition here (in Spanish).

The campaign has also been spread through Twitter, asking users to send a tweet with the petition. We suggest the following text:

Pido al ministro @jiwert la inmediata eliminación de #EpC y la normalización académica de los objetores #NoMasAdoctrinamiento. Por favor RT


•    In an open letter, religious leaders of the largest faith communities in the US defend marriage as the foundational institution of all societies. The leaders warned that redefining marriage has consequences for religious freedom and urged civic leaders to defend marriage so as also to defend religious liberty. The letter, entitled “Marriage and Religious Freedom: Fundamental Goods That Stand or Fall Together,” was released 12th January. It can be found here . Signatories include leaders from Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish, Lutheran, Mormon, and Pentecostal communities in the United States.
•    Great news from Hungary again. The Hungarian Parliament passed the Act CCXI on the Protection of Families by sweeping majority on 23 December 2011. The guiding principle has been to lay down the foundation of a stable, calculable and long-term family policy.
Within the main objectives and messages in the Act we find that it not only serves as a legal basis for the protection of families, but conveys important messages on the role of family in the society as well. The family, marriage and childbearing are basic conditions for the sustainability of the society; therefore they constitute immeasurable values, and worth for protection – reflected in the Law. One of the principles of the Act and the Fundamental Law of Hungary is solidarity between generations; therefore the Act also pays attention on the elderly members of the family. The Act calls for a family-friendly approach in all aspects of life including the labour market and media.
You can read the English translation of the Act here.

We hope it does not get as many attacks as the law on Freedom of Religion religious and Conscience has already got, as you can read here.


•    After the general election results in Spain stopped the socialist white paper which would have opened the door to euthanasia, the PSOE, the political party today in opposition, has recently registered their project in Congress .
Hopefully it will be stopped by the Popular Party. You can read more about it here
There are still two autonomous regional laws which include the practice of euthanasia against which the team Living with Dignity  of Profesionales por la Ética are already working to abolish or transform into real palliative care laws.


•    We strongly recommend reading the article, When the Child ‘Ordered’ Is Not the Child Received by Denise J. Hunnell, MD and published by Zenit. “Imagine gazing at your child and coldly declaring, «You should never have been born». You can read it here.

Best regards,

Leonor Tamayo
Head of International Area.

This Newsletter is produced by PROFESIONALES POR LA ÉTICA  (Professionals for Ethics), a Spanish NGO formed by a diverse network of people from different professional backgrounds who generously offer their time and talent to contribute to upholding the value of each and every person, their personal dignity and their inviolable rights.