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Culture of Life

  • Bad news for the Culture of Life: Lambert’s euthanasia. Last June 5th the European Court of Human Rights issued its decision in the case of Lambert and others v. France ruling that French authorities could stop the artificial hyratation and nutrition of Victor Lambert, a 38-year-old quadriplegic patient. This means that a State may cause the death of a patient in a minimally conscious state and puts in risk the life of tens of thousands of patients in Europe.

According to Mr Grégor Puppinck, Director of the European Center for Law AND Justice (ECLJ) “the Court not only held that in Europe, we can again legally induce the death of a disabled patient who did not ask to die, but in addition, it denies that patient the protection of the Convention against mistreatment. By refusing to guarantee the right to life and to medical care for Vincent Lambert, the Court is turning a page in the history of human rights in Europe”.

  • Late abortion and neonatal infanticide debate at the PACE. During this week the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will debate this issue thanks to a petition lead by the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ), and  supported by many NGO’s, including Profesionales por la Ética, and supported by more than 200,000 European citizens. Hope the final decision will uphold and guarantee the fundamental rights of all human beings, including the premature babies born during an attempted late term abortion.   Every year in Europe, children are born alive at the time of the abortion procedure after the 20th week of pregnancy. They are often abandoned to die without care, struggling to breathe, sometimes for several hours; or they are killed by lethal injection or suffocation, and often thrown away with medical waste.

By leaving babies to die without treatment, or actively killing them, simply because they are not wanted is inhumane and contrary to fundamental rights. According to European law, all human beings born alive have the same right to life, to physical integrity and to receive necessary treatment and care, irrespective of the circumstances of their birth.

In support of the Petition, the ECLJ submitted a report to the PACE presenting, inter alia, official data and personal testimonies of medical practitioners who witnessed these practices.

Gender ideology

  • June 9 = Black day for Europe: Noichl Report adopted. The Noichl Report, adopted by the European Parliament on June 9th, did not took into consideration the 85,000 people who joined the campaign #StopNoichlReport and signed the petition launched by Women of the World Platform. In just three days right before the votation the petition gathered that huge support to call on the MEP’s to vote against it. After all, the  FEMM committee (Women’s Rights and Gender Equality) has showed that it is another tool to develop the gender ideology in Europe.

This report is about discriminating men, it basically wants to apply the term “gender” in all European legislation, to politicize universities by putting a gender chair and feminist research, to push WHO to withdraw gender identity disorders, and of course it promotes abortion.

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  • Girls and teenagers indoctrinated, the Rodriguez Report on board. As if the Noichl Report was not enough, another feminist maneuver was brought upon the desk, the Rodrigues Report which tackles the “Emancipation of young girls by education in the EU”.

Profesionales por la Ética along with other NGO’s signed the letter by Europe for Family letter address to the FEMM president so that it would be dismissed inside the FEMM debate. Unfortunately it was passed on June 16th and sent to the European Parliament, which agreed to examine the draft.

Without citizen’s acquaintance, this report seeks to re-educate the European youth with gender and LGBTI ideology and infringes some of the basic human rights such as: freedom of thought, speech, right to private life, as well as the denial to the right of parents to educate their children in order to their values and own ideas.

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Family mainstreaming

  • Rome in defense of the Children. In Italy last Saturday June 20th over one million people took the streets in protest standing up to stop the gender ideology indoctrination through schools, to defend natural family, to defend the right of parents to educate their children and to promote the right of every child to have a mother and a father.

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  • A huge demonstration against Surrogacy by La Manif pour Tous. The mobilization in France on June 18th was a big success. It shows the opposition of the French citizens to allow the registration of babies born from surrogacy on behalf of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights on 2014 regarding the cases Mennesson v/ France and Labassee v/France.

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