October, 2011.

Dear friends,

Once again, Profesionales por la tica provides you with a selection of relevant worldwide news on the defence of human rights, which we are sure will be of interest to you.


The OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting held in Warsaw from 26 Sep – 7 Oct 2011 was the frame for a new denunciation of how parents’ rights are being violated in Europe. During her speech, Sofa Martnez, from the Alliance Defense Fund, presented some cases of discrimination, including compulsory Spanish school subject, Education for Citizenship, which was illustrated with this video.

14 new plaintiffs have joined the complaint lodged at the European Court of Human Rights on March 19th 2010 by parents and students who have objected in conscience to the Spanish compulsory subject of Education for Citizenship. They are now 389 Spanish parents and their children who have denounced Spain before the Strasbourg Court for violations of their rights contained in the European Convention on Human Rights (basically, right to privacy of the children, right of freedom of thought, conscience and religion, the right of parents to educate their children according to their own convictions, and the principle of non-discrimination). The action in law was brought by Profesionales por la tica together with the European Center for Law and Justice and the Alliance Defense Fund .


On 6th October, a new document was launched in New York: the San Jos Articles, which consist of nine articles summarising the position of internationally binding treaties and customary law regarding abortion, drawing the conclusion that there is no right to abortion under current international law.

The San Jose Articles were created to help governments and civil society promote human rights through a proper understanding of how the rights of the unborn child are protected in international law. The articles should be used to counter false assertions, such as the erroneous notion that abortion is a human right.

San Jos Articles are being launched subsequently in the British House of Lords, the European Parliament, the Italian Parliament, also in Madrid, Manila, Santiago, Buenos Aires, San Jose, Calgary and Washington DC, all over the next four weeks. You can read more about it here.


A Draft Recommendation on the rights and legal status of children and parental responsibilities is currently being discussed at the Council of Europe. You can read it here.

This document purports to spell the end of the natural family, which is replaced by purely artificial norms and concepts. It promotes a subjective and relativist vision of family, especially with regard to establishing filiation in the context of medically-assisted procreation for registered partnerships of different and same-sex couples. It puts all kinds of procreation and parental relationships on an equal footing.

There is no doubt that, if adopted, this recommendation will be used to undermine the protection of life and family in countries where it still exists. Ignoring the fact that there is no obligation for Member States to accept those practices and that there is no consensus in Europe on those practices, this Recommendation will be a new instrument to pressure those States to change their laws on family in a Western way.

This draft recommendation will be discussed in expert committee from October 12th to 14th and then it will be submitted to the Committee of Ministers before Christmas.

Therefore, we urgently ask you to send letters and e-mails of concern to your CoE representatives at the addresses that you will find here. We also recommend you to read the memorandum submitted by the Alliance Defense Fund that you will find here.


In its last issue, n 39, dated October 5th, the well known Italian magazine Tempi includes an interesting, and indeed worth reading, article on Zapateros government under the title CROLLO DI UNILLUSIONE. Ma chi glielha fatto fare? which defines his two legislatures as a long period of social and political tension () one of the hardest times in the democratic life of the country. You can read the article here (in Italian).

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