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  • Major pro-life victory in Mexico: Mexican Senate rejected “Sexual and Reproductive rights” for minors.  It was last November 6th, that the Mexican Senate passed the General Law for the Rights of Girls, Boys, and Teenagers leaving aside the text about the so-called sexual and reproductive Rights promoted by pro abortion lobbies.

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  • Sexual education at school has become a major attack on parental rights and a tremendous risk for our children. We have made a simple and explanatory video to show how sexual education, normally introduced through workshops at school, can damage your children.

And we remind you that there is a tool for parents to help guarantee parental rights: the educational  Parental Pin to protect our children from this sexual education.

Watch the video here

Download the Parental PIN here


  • European Institutions aim to push LGTB agenda: last October 28th, the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) together with the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU held a conference in Brussels under the title ‘Tackling sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination’. They all intend to push forward the Equal Treatment Directive and stronger sanctions – including criminal ones – against such ‘discrimination’.According to European Dignity Watch, the conference’s agenda was based entirely on the unreliable results of the FRA’s survey on discrimination against LGBTI, for which €400,000 of taxpayer money was spent and that was much criticized during the past year because of serious flaws in its design.

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  • Next November 24 the Forum of Catholic-Inspired NGOs – based in Geneva will have its most important event of the year, notably the conference «The Family – Source of Strength and Security for Today’s Social Challenges». The objectives of the conference are to examine the current challenges faced by families in today’s society, to examine the key role played by families in response to such challenges and to analyse some “good practices” promoted by Catholic inspired Organizations to accompany families as key stakeholders in promoting common good.
  • Only yesterday, the Report on the Evolution of the Family in Europe 2014 was presented at the European Parliament in Brussels. Co-sponsored by Profesionales por la Ética and other mayor pro-family NGOs, this report is, probably, one of the most complete and updated analysis about the situation of families in Europe. This study has been carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of experts in different fields such as demography, psychology, sociology, and successful reconciliation of work and family life, that have been coordinated by the Institute for Family Policy (IPF).  Based on information from different international and national agencies and institutions, the more relevant aspects of family situation in Europe have been reviewed, analysed and evaluated.

The Report combines a detailed analysis of main family indicators and their evolution in the last 25 years with a comparative study about the different policies that the European Commission and different European governments are developing, concluding with a battery of proposals to get a comprehensive policy for families, that really supports them.

You can download the Report here

  • Next Tuesday, we will officially present our brand new initiative: MOTHER, WOMAN AND PROFESSIONAL, In Defense of Feminine Identity in Europe, which aims at:
  • Promoting and upholding the freedom of choice of the woman, which implicates a true reconciliation between family and working life, as well as the recognition of the value of the women’s work inside their families, apparently invisible and not bound to the law of the market.
  • Promoting and upholding the women’s contribution to stability in the family, the workforce, the society and the common good.
  • Promoting and restoring the feminine identity in its overall dimension – in complementarity with men – and the value and dignity of motherhood.
  • Unmasking and cancelling out the gender ideology, with its lobbies influence on society, politics and European institutions.

We will also present the contents and conclusions of the Civil Society Shadow Report 2008 – 2013 we have submitted, together with several Spanish NGOs, for the UN CEDAW 61º Session. We will keep you updated!.

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