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Once again, we offer you a selection of worldwide relevant news in the defense of fundamental rights and ask you to become active and participate with us.


  • Profesionales por la Ética has joined «Novae Terrae» Foundation in their campaign  “A Pledge for Europe”. The campaign is proposing a pledge addressed to next European Elections candidates. Subscribers promise, if elected, to defend and promote the values of the document. You can read it here and you can also take an active part by signing the European petition «Reset Europe!».
  • A more particularly family oriented campaign, by FAFCE  was launched calling on candidates for the European Elections to promote family friendly policies if elected. All info is available on the campaign website:  . Over 100 candidates to the European elections have already signed the Vote for Family 2014 Manifesto.


  • The European Commission (EU) must decide before May 28 on how it intends to take action concerning the request of the European Citizens’ Initiative “One of Us” that reached nearly two million signatures and which aims to exclude from the European Union funding any activity that destroys or involves the destruction of human life at the embryonic or foetal stage. According to Grégor Puppinck, speaker of the Initiative: “One of Us” also places the European Commission before a democratic challenge: respecting participatory democracy by sharing the power of initiative and arefusal by the Commission would be arbitrary and would ruin the credibility of the citizen initiative mechanism, and it would further weaken the democratic legitimacy of the European institutions. We strongly recommend you to read his article published by Le Figaro.


  • World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs today announced the recipients of the Natural Family Man and Woman of the Year Awards for 2014, as well as those receiving Lifetime Achievement and Familias et Veritas (Family and Truth) Awards.  These prizes are presented annually to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to promoting a greater understanding of the centrality of the “natural family” to a prosperous, stable, and free society and civilization. We are pleased that this year, WCF awards Luca Volontè Natural Family man of the Year. Congratulations, Luca!!.Read more.


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