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Profesionales por la Ética, an Spanish organization that has been working on the defense of human dignity and fundamental rights for 22 years now, offers you a monthly selection of relevant worldwide news on the defense of human rights. We hope it is of interest to you. 


  • 113 worldwide entities have signed our Open Letter to the Spanish Prime Minister asking him not to yield under pressures and carry on with the law proposal “on the protection of the conceived life and of the rights of the pregnant woman” and to introduce the necessary changes to improve it as it is definitely not a good pro-life law but only a step forward. You can find here the final version of the letter with the full list of signing entities.
  • The American College of Pediatricians strongly rejects Belgium’s legalization of child euthanasia: In a press release from February 17th, and under the title “Physicians are healers, not killers” they state that: “The American College of Pediatricians is appalled by Netherlands’ recent legalization of Neonatal Euthanasia and Belgium’s legalization of euthanasia for terminally ill children of any age, and alerts healthcare professionals to the possibility of similar legislation in the United States. It is the role of every medical professional to deliver care to ailing patients with  compassion, always striving to preserve the patient’s life and dignity.”

You can read the press release in full here


  • Last Tuesday, Zuber report was rejected at the European Parliament. The report promoted an ideological view on the role of women in modern society and harms the understanding of true freedom and equal opportunities based on merits and capabilities. The alternative EPP resolution, which was equally problematic, was also rejected.

Profesionales por la Ética asked MEPs to vote against both texts and promoted a citizens campaign and call for action.We congratulate the Members of Parliament who supported freedom with their vote and thank those of you who collaborated in the campaign.


  • “Sentinelli in Piedi”, is an amazing reality that for some months now have spread in Italian places with their own personality, although inspired by the phenomenon of the Frech Veilleurs, which aroused as a result of the protests in France by La Manif pour Tous against Taubira Act.

The Sentinelli in Piedi concentrate in strict silence in places where power is exercised.

One of their slogans is «Standing in silence and still awake.»

They are situated, always standing and silent, a few meters away from each other, carrying and reading a book as a sign of the education we all constantly need for a better future and real freedom.  As they say, «you cannot silence the conscience of those who have their eyes open.»

We strongly recommend you to have a look at their website and get fascinated by the impressive images.



  • Last week the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe published the major cases of intolerance in February. The goal of the Observatory is to provide European Union institutions, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the United Nations and religious institutions such as the Council of the Catholic bishops’ conferences in Europe with objective and reliable data on the phenomenon of Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe. The aim of providing this information is to help to take appropriate measures within their respective spheres of competence.You can read their February report here


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·       A brief video – about a minute’s duration – is being widely promoted to reach those suffering because of their abortion decision, and to offer help.  The video  creatively and sensitively raises the point that  «There is something more painful than giving birth to a child …»  as the viewer reflects on the pain caused by an abortion decision. 

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