December 2013

Dear friends,  

After months of hard and intense debate about the ‘Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights’ (also called the Estrela report), an important  fight was won yesterday at the European Parliament. You can read here the brilliant analysis of the report by FAFCE (European Federation of Catholic Families Associations).

A majority of the Members of the Parliament rejected for the second time in a month the highly controversial Estrela report (334 against, 327 in favour and 35 abstentions)

This is a major victory of the fundamental rights of parents, life and freedom against the culture of death. The massive mobilisation of citizens across Europe has shown that each citizen can make a change!

  • You can find a lot more information about the report and the vote in our website  where you can select your language, click here to read about it.
  •  And we now suggest you to write a simple thank you e-mail to the Members of Parliament who voted against Estrela including a photo of your family to show the gratitude of the European families who have seen their rights protected. Even if you are not an European citizen, your message is welcomed, this is a global issue!!

You can find the full list of nominal votes  in this link:


You only have to find those MEPs of your country who voted against and send them your thank you message with the photo included in the text. You can find the e-mail addresses here.

Let’s celebrate our victory!!

Leonor Tamayo

Head of International Area