JULY 2012

Dear friends,

Profesionales por la Ética once again offers you a selection of relevant worldwide news on the defense of human rights.

We also wish you have a happy summer holiday and a deserved rest in the company of your family and friends.


  • Following the analysis of the new Decree of the Spanish Education for Citizenship, Profesionales por la Ética has published a report which was presented to the media in a press conference and widely disseminated. The compulsory, indoctrinating subject of Education for Citizenship must be suppressed, not modified. In the new Decree the Spanish Ministry of Education removes certain conflictive contents but the objectives of the subject remain; it continues to to inculcate students with moral education. You can read more about it here and download the report here.


  • As C-FAM informed in its Friday Fax on June 20th a major victory was achieved in Rio de Janeiro at the UN Rio +20 conference, where the mention of reproductive rights and population dynamics were removed from the final document.
  • This is excellent news as the negotiations were long and hard. “In an astounding show of solidarity, a diverse group of countries rallied together with the Holy See to successfully remove any mention of reproductive rights or population control from the final outcome document produced during the last round of UN negotiations at the Rio +20 conference this week”.

We thank all the groups and persons that have been working hard to make it possible.

  • “Eugenics and human rights, issues of prenatal screening” is the theme of a round table discussion which brought together the European associations of people with the Down syndrome, mobilized by the initiative “Stop Eugenics Now”, at the Council of Europe last June 28th. This is the first time that so many organizations, dedicated to persons with Down syndrome and other disabilities, have mobilized at the European level to denounce eugenics and discrimination. 25 national organizations have already signed the statement “Eugenics is not a human right,” which is posted on this website: www.stopeugenicsnow.org.
  • The aim of this round table discussion was to raise the awareness of institutions about the cureent eugenic trend of European society. Following the discussion, a draft Resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe “Combatting eugenics and discrimination against people with disabilities” was presented by Mr. Luca Volontè, Italian MP and President of the EPP group. This Resolution will remind the States of their obligations toward people with disabilities who now face the tragedy of their systematic elimination and discrimination.

The statement “Eugenics is not a human right” remains open for endorsement by individuals and organizations on the site www.stopeugenicsnow.org.

  • A joint Motion for a Resolution on the Forced Abortion Scandal in China which was debated and voted on July 5th. The case in Zhenping County which has caught media attention worldwide is sadly only part of a continuing and nearly universal pattern of enforcement by threats, brutality and coercion of China’s one child policy, denying Chinese women their fundamental human rights. The resolution of the European Parliament on the forced abortion scandal in China (2012/2712(RSP) states amongst other things:

The European Parliament:

(…) Strongly condemns the decision to force Ms. Feng to have an abortion and condemns the practice of forced abortions and sterilizations globally, especially in the context of the one-child policy;

  • The London Summit on Family Planning that will take place on July 11th looks like the biggest population control push that we have seen in decades. As Wendy Wright, from C-FAM, stated, “It expects governments to provide permanent funding for contraception programs. It creates preferential treatment for contraception groups, above programs providing basic health care, education, infrastructure, economic programs — measures that lift women and communities out of poverty.
    Eliminating «barriers» to contraception for all, with expectations that everyone in society fund and advocate for contraception, threatens parental rights and religious freedom.

Monitoring of these contraception programs will be assigned to those invested in contraception programs, many with a history of covering up abuses.”


The Cristeros and Us (Americans) published in Crisis Magazine. A great article on the film “For Greater Glory” by George Weigel which deals with religious freedom on the USA. “Threats to religious freedom come in many forms—some hard, like during the Cristero War; some softer, if no less lethal to the first freedom”

Indeed, worth reading.

Best regards,

Leonor Tamayo

Head of International Area.



This Newsletter is produced by PROFESIONALES POR LA ÉTICA  (Professionals for Ethics), a Spanish NGO formed by a diverse network of people from different professional backgrounds who generously offer their time and talent to contribute to upholding the value of each and every person, their personal dignity and their inviolable rights.