Mayo 2012.

Dear friends,

This month Newsletter is mainly dedicated to the two mayor pro family world events the World Congress of Families and the World Meeting of Families. We also include a call for action to sign up two pro-life public petitions.

We hope this is all of your interest and, please, do not hesitate to ask for our support in the spreading your initiatives and news.


  • Profesionales por la Ética is very happy to co-coorganize the WCF VI that will take place in Madrid, Spain, 25th to 27th May 2012, and which is, indeed, a unique opportunity for pro-family and pro-life organizations and individuals from all around the world. Our organization coordinates the International Parliamentary Forum, that will gather the foremost activists and leaders of civic, educational and research organizations –defending the natural family and life as fundamental principles , together with political representatives to analyze and propose solutions addressing the political and international legislative areas as well as the participation and impact of civil society.

You can watch the WCF promotional video here.  And the Congress program here.

During the WCF you will be able to enjoy a concert for Families of the World by the Choir and Orchestra WYD Madrid 2011 and family cinema, with a Spanish Premier of the film CRISTIADA.

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  • Benedict XVI will preside the main events at the World Meeting of Families, which will take place in the Italian city of Milan, May 30th – June 4th, 2012.

Family, work, celebration. these are the three words of the theme for the Seventh World Meeting of Families. They make up a trinomial that starts from the family and opens up to the world: work and celebration are ways in which the family inhabits the social “space” and lives human “time”. The theme links the man-woman couple with its lifestyles: the way of living relationships (the family), inhabiting the world (work), and humanizing time (celebration).

You can find the full program here:

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  • Romania is currently seeking to adopt legislation which would require pre-abortion counseling and waiting periods. Pro vita Bucaresti has written an open letter to the Romanian Parliament. The letter is open for signature from competent representatives of pro-life organizations and pro-family organizations, elected politicians, professors and pro-life leaders. For all those interested in signing, please send an email at You can read the letter here.

  • Associations and families of people with Down syndrome across Europe (Ireland, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Germany, France, Ukraine, and other countries coming) are calling for the support and mobilisation of all European citizens. A pending matter (case Kruzmane vs. Latvia) before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) may have profound consequences for people with disabilities, and for the sovereignty of the individual member states of the European Union : the ECHR is preparing to issue a ruling on the fundamental right to “the procedure for the prenatal screening and elimination of children with diseases or disabilities”.

In a common declaration entitled “Eugenics is not a human right” put online on the website, citizens are invited to mobilise alongside them to protect persons with disabilities.

Best regards,

Leonor Tamayo

Head of International Area.


This Newsletter is produced by PROFESIONALES POR LA ÉTICA (Professionals for Ethics), a Spanish NGO formed by a diverse network of people from different professional backgrounds who generously offer their time and talent to contribute to upholding the value of each and every person, their personal dignity and their inviolable rights.