April, 2011


  • During the past month, a further 375 plaintiffs have joined the action in law brought before the European Court of Human Rights on the issue of the subject of Education for Citizenship in Spanish schools. The plaintiffs, schoolchildren and their parents, allege that the subject of Education for Citizenship in Spanish schools violates freedom of education, the right of conscience and freedom of religion. You can read more about the issue here or watch this clarifying video.

  • Profesionales por la Ética continues to spearhead public efforts on behalf of the family Wien and the other German parents who have been convicted and imprisoned for refusing to enroll their children in the State sexual education programme at their primary school. You can read more about it here. The Declaration in favour of these German parents and freedom of education in Europe has been submitted by 44 entities worldwide and more than 8,000 individuals and has had an significant coverage in the media. You can read and sign the Declaration here.


  • On 26th March, more than 70 cities in Spain celebrated the International Pro-Life Day. Profesionales por la Ética was one of the nearly 50 civic organizing groups. You can read more about it  here and  have a look at the photographs here. The Spanish Bishops Conference has also designed a campaign to celebrate the Pro-life Day under the slogan: «There is always a reason to live» with this striking promotional video.


  • The Lautsi case: a great victory for Europe. The Court of Strasbourg ruled by 15 votes to 2 that the presence of the crucifix in the classrooms   of Italian public schools does not violate and is consistent with the European Convention of Human Rights. The European Center for Law and Justice has been very involved in this case,  you can find all the information in their website .


  • At a Press Conference in Madrid, Profesionales por la Ética has presented a report on the new legislation the Government is preparing on what it calls «a dignified death», which is the first step towards legislating euthanasia. You can read and download the report (in Spanish) here. The report concludes that there is no need for legislation on dignified death but for legislation on palliative care and the presentation of the report will be the point of departure for an intense press campaign: Living with Dignity.

This Newsletter is produced by Profesionales por la Ética (Professionals for Ethics), a Spanish NGO formed by a diverse network of people from different professional backgrounds who generously offer their time and talent to contibute to upholding the value of each and every person, their personal dignity and their inviolable rights.