Two more parents were jailed today for refusing to allow their children to receive  classes on sexual education imposed by the State

43 associations throughout the world demand the release of the parents

Madrid, 15th March 2011. Europe made the amazing discovery last week that in a democratic country of the European Union such as Germany, a mother had been jailed for refusing to allow her children to receive classes on sexual education imposed by the State and that 53 parents had been condemned for this reason.

Shamefully, the Alliance Defence Fund (ADF), the legal entity that defends the rights of German families at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, yesterday informed of two further cases of imprisonment of parents in Salzkotten. They are Eduard W., the father of 8 children, and Artur W., the father of 10 children and only two weeks away from having the eleventh. These parents have refused to let their children participate in the school course on sexual education My body is mine because they disagree with the sexual education that others wish to impose obligatorily on their children and they consider that their human rights and their civil rights are being violated.

Yesterday, furthermore, Roger Kiska, lawyer of the ADF, announced that the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has rejected the appeal for the Court to adopt cautionary measures to free Mrs. Wiens in spite of the injustice of the imprisonment. «We are very disappointed with the European Court of Human Right’s decision not to intercede with emergency measures on behalf of Mrs. Wiens in light of the clearly unjust nature of the prison term she is facing. Nonetheless, we are confident that when the Strasbourg Court rules on the merits of our case in support of the 10 mothers and fathers who spent time in prison for simply exercising their natural rights as parents, that justice will prevail.»

In Spain meanwhile, Professionals for Ethics continue to sponsor a declaration in favour of Mrs. Wiens, the mother jailed for the same reason in the same German locality of Salzkotten, and in favour of the other condemned German parents. This declaration, subscribed by 43 associations in Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Mexico,  Norway, the Philippines, Slovakia and the United States urges the German authorities to free the parents who have been jailed for insisting on educating their children in accordance with their convictions. The declaration also demands diligence on the part of European institutions in the defence of fundamental rights and the liberty of education.

The declaration has been sent to the following institutions:

  • German Chancellery.
  • Federal German Government.
  • Ministries of Culture and Education of the Federal States of Germany.
  • Institutions of the Council of Europe.
  • Representatives of the German and Spanish governments in the Council of Europe.
  • European Parliament.
  • German Embassy in Spain.
  • The Courts that have imprisoned the German parents.
  • The German parent in jail.

“By taking this action”, explains Leonor Tamayo, responsible for the International Area of Professionals for Ethics, “we want to make public opinion aware of the situation and to lend our support to the parents by demanding that the authorities put and end to this aggressive violation of human rights.”

You can subscribe to the declaration through the link:

35 parents condemned in Germany for refusing to have their children attend State sexual education

Entities from 9 countries and 4 continents demand that Governments and Institutions guarantee  parental rights.

Madrid, March 4th, 2011. In the last few days it has become public the case of a German  mother from Salzkotten (North-Renania, Westafalia), Irene Wiens, who has been imprisoned for refusing to have their children attend a sexual education programme  at their primary school.

The legal defense of such an amazing case, which is currently at the ECHR,  is led by Alliance Defense Fund (ADF),  an international entity specialized in the protection of freedom of religion and conscience. «Parents, not the government, are the ones ultimately responsible for making educational choices for their children, and jailing them for standing on this universal right is simply unconscionable,» said ADF Legal Counsel Roger Kiska. «The Wiens’ were well within their rights under the European Convention of Human Rights to opt to teach their children a view of sexuality that is in accord with their own religious beliefs, instead of sending them to four days of classes and an interactive play that they found to be objectionable. Irene Wiens sits in jail today with her only crime being that she loved her children enough to keep them from attending an interactive «sexual education» play at the ages of 9 and 10 which would instill in them sexually permissive views».

Sadly enough, Wiens case is not the first one. From 2006 ADF has represented up to 35 parents who have been condemned as a result of this mandatory sexual education programmes which get deep into the values, moral and believes of families. The punishments include fines from 200 to 1.200 euros and/or jail from some days  up to six weeks.

This is why Profesionales por la Ética (an Spanish entity which cooperates with ADf in the defense of parental rights)  has spread a Declaration on the recognition of the rights of parents to educate their children according to their own convictions; this document defines  the repressive attitude suffered by this mother as inadmissible and reminds that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Charter of the Fundamental Rights of the European Union guarantee the right of parents to educate their children in accordance to their own convictions. The Declararion is currently being joined by thousands of worldwide citizens and has also been supported by entities from 9 different countries and 4 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia and America).

«This Declaration», says Leonor Tamayo, responsible of the International Area of Profesionales por la Ética «will be sent to the Federal Government of Germany, German regional Governments, to all  other Member States of the European Union and to the  European institutions competent on fundamental rights and freedom. Freedom of education is being dramatically violated in Europe: the right of parents to educate their children according to their own convictions is not respected in Spain since 2007 when the mandatory school subject ,Education for Citizenship, was introduced in the curriculum, and long ago in Germany where parents who refuse to accept State indoctrination have to pay high fines or go to jail».

Once again, it is the civil society that has to stand up to denounce power abuse, complicity and indiference of governments and citizens defencelessness, and  to claim  and demand  the respect of fundamental rights.

Signing  entities:

Profesionales por la Ética Spain
Red Europea del Instituto de Política Familiar Spain
FICH- Unum Omnes Italy
International Alliance of Catholic Knights Ireland
Castellón Educa en Libertad Spain
New Women for Europe Belgium
Asociación de Docentes Sto. Tomás de Aquino Spain
Hazte oir Spain
Madrid Educa en Libertad Spain
Asociación para la Defensa de los Valores Católicos en laEnseñanza.   ADVCE Spain Spain
Asociación Cultural “Unión en Defensa de la Familia” (UDEFA) Spain
Valencia Educa en libertad Spain
Asociación Católica de Maestros de Valencia Spain
World Youth Alliance USA
World Youth Alliance Kenya
World Youth Alliance Belgium
World Youth Alliance Mexico
World Youth Alliance Philippines
Periódico La Esfera Digital Spain
Periodistas en Acción Spain
Plataforma de padres por la libertad Spain
Fundación Mujer, Familia y Trabajo Spain
Federación Educación y Desarrollo en Libertad (FEDEL) Spain

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