Translated by Stefano Gennarini

The president of Profesionales por la Etica (Professionals for Ethics, “PE”), Jaime Urcelay, welcomed the announcement by the government of the abolition of the controversial Citizenship Education programme, in an interview with Religion en Libertad (ReL).

For Urcelay, “this very important victory for the freedom of education is the result of many converging efforts, none of which can be minimized in importance”. He affirmed: “it has been a long and difficult battle that has been fought on many fronts, and that has probably has two fundamental elements: the direct involvement of parents of families affected by the citizenship education program, and their tenacity when the hour of pressuring the government came. At the outset it appeared to be like a battle between David and Goliath. It has been an extraordinary adventure, where thousands of parents had conscience challenged, with regards the education of their children and the freedom of everyone, displayed civil courage and true social responsibility.”

When asked about the contribution of his own organization, PE, he replied: “we have been credited by the paper Publico being responsible for the demise of the citizenship education program. Clearly we did not do all that, but we certainly we stood together with the parents who objected to the program to the end, even amidst tiredness and calls to give it a rest.” He added: “Perhaps for that reason, and for confronting directly, what I would call, the reigning technocracy, when the government announced the end of the citizenship education program we became the target of savage defamation campaigns through internet, together with other civil society initiatives over the internet. They really went overboard, beyond anything tolerable, and they will get their answer from us in court.”

In more recent hours, Urcelay, released further declarations to the agency Europa Press. There he affirms: “the opponents of the citizenship education program will probably will not withdraw any of the ongoing suits whether with the Constitutional Tribunal, or the European Court of Human Rights, until the Ministry of Education has made its declared intention of removing the program from the school curriculum a reality.”